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Inspire will also award theMost Entertaining Studio Award,Studio Spirit Award,andStudioSportsmanshipAwardbased on the principles of competition and family values that we honor. Choose Home/Studio Videos or Choose Stage Videos. Dance competitions allow dancers to compete in all styles of dance. How Do Dance Competitions Work? However, the music you choose could be the biggest difference in your attempt to be a champion. These dancers will be invited to perform in of the Inspire All Star Opening Numbers at our 2023 Nationals Event. What Are the Age Limits For Most Dance Competitions? Entry only open to those in Vic, NSW or QLD. Out of 100 points, a judge can give a certain amount of points to the following categories: This type of scoring is usually called adjudication. A dance competition is an event in which individuals and groups of dancers from all different studios come together for the purpose of showcasing their routines, receiving feedback from judges, and competing for placements and various awards. Clogging Routine utilizes either traditional or contemporary clogging technique and style. Studios enter dance routines into categories of age, style of dance, and group size, and dancers from different studios compete against each other in front of three qualified judges to receive feedback, adjudication scores, and placement awards. No entries longer than 10 minutes will be accepted. No changes (Division, Age, or Group) will be permitted after the MONDAY the week of the competition. WebEnerGy National Dance Competitions does not accept independent entries. Are you a? All solos, duet/trios and groups will be judged on a point system. Conventions like these offer a competition alongside a convention, and these events dont have levels. There is also a second event in Rocky Mount this year March 17-19. 24 SEVEN does not accept entries independently of a studio. Please read carefully and follow these guidelines to ensure a pleasant and fun competition for all dancers, parents, teachers, and spectators. It is our mission to provide dancers of all levels a positive, fun, safe, and family-friendly environment to showcase their hard work and talents. Open Routine consisting of any of our listed categories or combinations of listed category styles. Special awards, or specials, are awards that typically have nothing to do with a dancers score, but more to do with something unique that a judge wants to recognize about a particular routine. Free videos for all registered dancers and their studios no additional fees! Easier to deal with the 15 studios and get payment from them, then to track down 500 individuals. These cookies do not store any personal information. Dance competitions typically last between one day and three to four days. No dangerous props (swords, fire, etc.). Most competitions hold a competition within the competition called Title. Star Dance Alliance is an alliance of top international dance competitions committed to bringing you the greatest dance competition experience of your life. Regional competitions happen during competition season in cities across the US and Canada, usually including only dancers from in and around that particular city. Tag someone you know getting married Inspire will award theINSPIRE Studio of Excellence Award to the studio with the highest average score of their top 10 scoring routines. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This helps to differentiate levels a little further. Another reason a competition may not accept independent entries is the belief that a dancer unaffiliated with a studio doesnt value consistent training, or working within a team setting. *Note: If you have previously vieweda copy of our Rules and Regulations, you may need to clear your browser history to be able to view the latest version. You will sometimes see senior citizens competing! Click here to see what the INSPIRE experience is like! Competitive dance is not a cheap hobby. INSPIRE is not responsible for music left at the show.Any music or performances which contain inappropriate content or profanity will result in at least a 5-Point Penalty. This is where you will hear the terms first place or fifth place. Richmond Marriott 500 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23219 804-643-3400. You do have the option to enter your book in more than one category, however, each entry requires a separate registration form and separate entry fee. Each judge receives either a paper score sheet for each routine, or a computer program will be used showing a similar rubric. Dancers must be ready to perform 1 hours before their scheduled time. any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at Most of the time, routines will perform in a random order. Dressing rooms will be assigned. WebMonsters Dance Convention & Competition. Current Edition; Contribute; Advertise; Terms and Simon was both informative and informal, and gave a very entertaining talk that included a wealth of practical information, First of all I want to thank Elliot and his team, the session was so professional but so personal. INSPIRE will attempt to accommodate scheduling requests, however, due to the amount of requests received, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone. One day it may be the technician the other it may be the performer. Tour Info. Affiliate relationships include, but are not limited to, Amazon Associates, Flex Offers, Etsy and Pepperjam. Inspire reserves the right to move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. These must be submitted 4 DAYS PRIOR to the date of the competition. Pro/Am Division Any act in which a teacher 20 years of age and above performs. Returned checks will automatically be turned over to an outside Collections Agency and/or the Solicitors office. All studio representative, parents, dancers and items must remain in your assigned dressing room space. Enter thru your online registration form with us. Tour Dates. Cost is $50/entry. Acro-Dance Routine combining gymnastics and dance choreography. What Are Special Awards At Dance Competitions? The announcer will ask for their Name and Studio. $300. Attach the corresponding YouTube video code to the routine. Sevierville, TN. With a firm pli, melt into the floor and connect to it. Assuming group dances would be rare for independents. This award is for near perfect routines. Open menu. A studio may not compete against itself in the same category with identical performers. Please create an Independent account within the registration portal. **VOCAL CATEGORY: Inspire is predominantly a dance competition, we do offer the vocal category for those performers who are cross trained in this skill. How do you balance your academics, dance and other extracurricular activities? In the past in the US and Canada, competitions only had one level and everyone regardless of their technical level or experience at competitions competed against everyone else in their age division. By: Author Lesley Mealor, BPA Dance Performance. Usually you enter with a studio on a Founded in 2001 by Mr. Kent Helton, NexStar has grown to become one of the nations leaders in dance competitions. Three professional or experienced dancers, teachers or choreographers are hired as judges. Go to Comp. WebSimply create a studio account with the studio name: Independent LastName (ex: Independent Smith) and complete your registration. The level of a dancer refers to their skill as a dancer or experience on the competition stage. Soloists are allowed to enter as many solos as they wish, however. Categories include: Most dance competitions have a few different age ranges so that 8 year olds dont compete against 15 year olds. A $35 fee will apply to all returned checks. most Competitions dont even want to deal with parent communication, and tell you to go work with the studio, so my guess is the valid reason is to deal with 15 points of contact and not the 1,000 dancing families. We try to keep it primarily positive and informative but all opinions are allowed. The competitive dance business is mostly made up of competition production firms, also known as dance competition companies and dance competition lines, that hold regional contests at various points on their annual, countrywide tours. Most competitions typically begin on a Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning and last until around 10:00pm each day. When possible, every Regional schedule is based on the breakdown of entries by division level and type (solo, duet/trio, groups, lines and productions) for that particular city. Schedule. //-->. Contemporary Routine incorporates lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements. All the same, rules apply age/ability, etc. They will also receive a critique about their performance to know what they were doing well with and what needs to be improved. Dancers competing in the Competition and Competition Elite Divisions will be eligible to be selected for the Inspire All Stars. Ballet slippers only. Dancers that compete in these regional events range in age from five to eighteen years old. Entries must be submitted and paid in full at least 30 days prior to the event or your place may be released to accommodate other studios. We take pride in the fact that our competition runs on time and is extremely organized. **Production performances must portray a storyline, plot or narrative throughout, resembling that of a film, book, play, musical, etc.