Value Propositions and KPIs, 3.3.10 Identify the Business In some cases, architecture projects will be stand-alone. Are they stated clearly and in such a way that design decisions can be made appropriately? <>, <>, >, <>, <>, <>, >, <>. stakeholders, creating the Architecture Vision, and obtaining approvals. Right-size the proven, COBIT- and TOGAFaligned approach to developing an EA vision by tailoring it to specifics of your situation. It was developed in 1995 to help enterprises and enterprise architects align on cross-departmental projects in a structured manner to facilitate key business objectives. <>. ADM Architecture Requirements Management, Enterprise Architecture Capability and Governance, A Practitioners Approach to Developing enterprise. The diagram below provides a view of the baseline technology architecture at the logical level which consists of logical infrastructure components with their associated infrastructure services. Informal techniques are often employed. Identify and document desired objectives, the results of handling the problems successfully. Business scenarios are an appropriate and useful technique to discover and document business requirements, and to articulate an Examples of things to document include caching architecture, load balancing, and how the solution ensures the chosen redundancy approach. The domain also needs to determine which characteristics they wish to capture.>>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <